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"Feet, why do I want them if I have wings to fly?"


 -  F R I D A    K A H L O



I was born in Pisa, Italy on August 17th 1987.
In 2011 I graduated with honours in “Scenography and Costume Design” at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Florence. 
In July 2013, in collaboration with “Florence Youth Festival” (FOG), I created 'Ritratti Distorti' a personal photographic exhibition on the various forms of the portrait, where the public through a corridor could relate to photographs and to games of mirrors and distorted glass, in an introspective environment. 
The exhibition has been set up inside the cultural center 'Le Murate' in Florence.
Between 2013 and 2014, I collaborated with a studio in Milan "Baby Interior Design", realizing original wall paintings, around Italy, in the meantime I became more and more passionate about video and animation.
In June 2015 I graduated in Animated Cinema at NEMO Academy of Digital Arts in Florence, and I received a scholarship for two consecutive years (2014/2015).
In June 2015 I participated with the animated short film 'PET-Life a Bottle' in the national competition "RE-Public", I received a special quote. In the usual month I made the music video for the freestyle guitarist Lorenzo Niccolini.

From that moment I started working as a freelancer for various companies and individuals, creating motion pictures, motion graphics, live action video, videomapping and videostage for theatrical performances.
In March 2016, I made the stage video "Bach Musical Offering" for the pianist Ramin Baramin, staged at the Teatro il Verme, Milan.
In January 2016, I made the video stage for the ballet "Fantasia", which was staged at the Theater de Esch sur Alzette, Brussels.
In April 2016, I made the video stage for the Opera "Blue Beard" staged at the Teatro SBP Opera, St. Petersburg.
In February 2018, I made the promo video of the Festival 'Middle East Now' held in Florence.

​Currently I work with different agencies:
Tiviz-Advanced Communication Tecnology - Milan. I work for clients like UPIM, OVS, Blukids, Arval.
Stark S.r.l. - Cagli. Company specialized in interactive projection systems, I realize diveomapping and video projections.
Lavitate - San Francisco - United States, Animated video production company, I make animation videos in various techniques.
Furthermore, I'm working as a painter and decorator for Dolce & Gabbana.


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